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Alameda County Care Connect

California Whole Person Care Pilot Program

Partnered with C&C Advisors in the procurement, planning and design of the Alameda County Care Connect Community Health Record and Social Health Information Exchange. 


PURPOSE:  Design and procure a data sharing system that presents timely, relevant information electronically, at point of service enabling a system of coordination across providers delivering physical health, mental health, recovery, housing, social care, legal and crisis response services.

ACTIVITIES: Develop use cases and lead development of an $8M RFP for a Social Health Information Exchange and a Community Health Record.  Advise on system of care integration, workflow design, voice of the customer and best practices around role definition, knowledge transfer and value proposition messaging.

OUTCOMES:  The Social Health Information Exchange and Community Health Record has been live since 2019.  The project is still active with ongoing activations of new partners

Alameda County Care Connect

California Whole Person Care Connect Consent Form

Partnered with Bright Research Group to provide health literacy expertise on an Alameda County Care Connect Consent Form.

PURPOSE: Co-develop a health literate consent form that Medi-Cal consumers can understand and confidently use to make an informed decision about sharing protected health information with all their care and social service providers.

ACTIVITIES: Collaborate with Care Connect Consumer and Family Fellows, Alameda County care and social services providers, and program administers to adapt LA County’s seven-page information sharing authorization form written at grade level 16, into a health literate four-page version written at grade level 8.

(see video featuring Fellows discussing usability assessment activities in their own words starting at the 2:16 mark).


OUTCOMES:  The revised Information Sharing Authorization addressed consumer concerns and was subsequently approved by consumer advisors, agency stakeholders, and legal counsel for deployment across Alameda County in support of Whole Person Care.

Link to the Care Connect Information Sharing Authorization:

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