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Self Care Strategies for Care Professionals

Estimated Time: 3 Months

Introducing Self Care Strategies for Care Professionals, a workplace wellness program crafted for care providers dedicated to addressing the complex health and social challenges of their clients. We understand the weight of this responsibility and recognize the looming risks of compassion fatigue and burnout.

At Hanserd Health Solutions, we're passionate about promoting wellness and self-care, believing that a balanced state is foundational for fostering confidence, nurturing growth, igniting creativity, and sustaining a meaningful career in service.

This program includes 7 hours of interactive learning delivered over multiple sessions, up to 10 hours of coaching, and a toolkit.

GOAL:  Participants develop and implement a personalized self-care plan to cultivate resilience, rekindle joy in work, and promote overall wellness.


  • Understand the importance of workplace wellness for care providers and its impact on addressing complex health and social challenges in client care
  • Identify the signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and burnout and their implications for personal well-being and professional effectiveness
  • Explore strategies for self-care and wellness promotion tailored to the unique needs and challenges faced by care providers
  • Develop skills to cultivate a balanced state of well-being
  • Utilize the resources provided in the course, including coaching hours and a toolkit, to implement effective self-care practices and promote wellness within the workplace

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