CALAIM: Community Supports

CalAIM + Hanserd Health Course Offering

Person-Centered Care

Estimated Time: 3 Months

Hanserd Health Solutions is committed to empowering Community Support (CS) providers with the transformative potential of person-centered care (PCC), while aligning with the core values of CalAIM. Our goal is to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to seamlessly integrate PCC principles into everyday practice, thereby enriching the care experience for both providers and recipients.

By diving deeper into the heart of PCC, participants will gain insight and confidence in delivering personalized CS services. Through rich interactive content, participants will learn to navigate complexities, advancing their communication strategies and care planning techniques.

Through individual or team coaching sessions, participants will translate newfound knowledge into practice and culture, bringing real-world examples, challenges, and successes to the forefront.

The offering includes 7 hours of interactive learning over multiple sessions and up to 10 hours of coaching.

GOAL:  Participants will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to effectively implement person-centered care principles within the context of CalAIM, fostering heightened engagement, enhanced care experiences, and improved outcomes.


  • Define PCC and recognize its significance within CalAIM.
  • Explore the impact of person-centered approaches on the client experience and care outcomes.
  • Identify and articulate the core principles of PCC, including respect, dignity, autonomy, and partnership
  • Differentiate person-centered care from traditional approaches, including the benefits and challenges.
  • Recognize cultural, linguistic, and social factors influencing rapport building.
  • Learn and practice applying PCC with case studies and real client scenarios

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