CALAIM: Enhanced Care Management

CalAIM + Hanserd Health Course Offering

Introducing Improvement Methods

Estimated Time: 6 Months

To fulfill CalAIM's vision effectively, Enhanced Care Management (ECM) providers must adapt to evolving needs. This course delves deep into foundational improvement methods, empowering participants to address challenges through iterative problem-solving. From data collection to sustaining enhancements, attendees gain practical experience and personalized coaching. Whether improving hand-offs, adding member and family supports, or strengthening client engagement, this course equips participants with essential knowledge and skills to plan, implement and sustain improvements.

This offering includes 7 hours of interactive learning delivered over multiple sessions, up to 10 hours of coaching and a toolkit.

GOAL:  Through a blend of conceptual understanding and practical exercises, participants will enhance their problem-solving capabilities and drive positive improvements in the delivery of ECM services

OBJECTIVES:  By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Grasp Improvement methods and core concepts.
  • Pinpoint organizational challenges suitable for Improvement work
  • Execute PDSA phases with a focus on hypothesis development, change implementation, and data collection.
  • Analyze data to assess change effectiveness and areas for enhancement.
  • Make informed decisions about changes, whether to adopt, adapt, or abandon.
  • Leverage PDSA iterations to foster ongoing organizational improvement and innovation.

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