CALAIM: Enhanced Care Management

CalAIM + Hanserd Health Course Offering

Implementing Person-Centered Care

Estimated Time: 6 Months

You are serving clients whose complex needs and challenges have been compounded over a lifetime. This is a tall order that can feel overwhelming and stark for the most capable and compassionate talent. Without a strong, reliable, systems approach, too many clients will fall through the cracks, and too many team members will burn out.

We'll help you deliver person-centered care that prioritizes needs while practicing deep listening, curiosity, and respect.  Client fears and unknowns will be met with information, compassion, choice, and an empowering path to wellness.  This sets the stage for greater client engagement and better outcomes.

Your most vulnerable clients get their needs met best when systems of care are SIMPLE, EASY and ORGANIZED. This is our wheelhouse.

GOAL:  Equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to seamlessly integrate PCC principles into everyday practice, thereby enriching the care experience for both providers and clients


  • Surface and anchor on the actions, thoughts, and feelings of a client
  • Identify member supports, key relationships and information sharing needs
  • Observe processes and/or conduct staff interviews to identify  how  client's needs, preferences, and values drives decision making and care delivery
  • Analyze communications, scripts, and member-facing tools
  • Solve for gaps, complexity, pain points, and unmet requirements
  • Produce up to 3 new or re-designed tools (e.g. empathy map, script, self-management instructions)
  • Produce a summary with findings and recommendations

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