CALAIM: Cross Sector Partnerships

CalAIM + Hanserd Health Course Offering

Co-Designing Successful Partnerships

Estimated Time: 3-4 Months

No team is as complex as one that stretches across organizations and sectors.   Ensure the useful, practical, and operational aspects of a working partnership are not lost in the legal or administrative details.  We’ll help bridge the path from where you are today to where you want to be with an approach that gets reliable, consistent results. By applying collaboration best practices and aligning on what adds value to the client, team members can contribute to meaningful, scalable, and sustainable improvements, all while unburdening staff, leveraging their talents, and restoring their joy in work.

The offering includes up to 10 hours of coaching, delivered virtually or in-person.

GOAL:  A successful collaboration and co-design process with up to 3 partners.


  • Cocreate the partnership concept
  • Identify collective talent, skills and assets
  • Identify shared values and articulate a shared vision of success
  • Sketch activities and roles and timeline
  • Produce partnership charter
  • Produce a summary with findings and recommendations

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