CALAIM: Enhanced Care Management

CalAIM + Hanserd Health Course Offering

Current State Organizational Assessment

Estimated Time: 4-6 Months

Enhanced Care Management programs serve clients whose complex needs and challenges have been compounded over a lifetime. This is a tall order that can feel overwhelming and stark for the most capable and compassionate talent. Without a strong, reliable, systems approach, too many clients will fall through the cracks, and too many team members will burn out. We want to help your team position itself to provide best-in-class person-centered care.  Your most vulnerable clients get their needs met best when systems of care are SIMPLE, EASY and ORGANIZED. This is our wheelhouse.

We will conduct a comprehensive assessment to pinpoint gaps and opportunities for enhancement, guiding future development priorities and optimization strategies. Through interviews, artifact reviews, and a solid understanding of the current state, we'll provide actionable insights into your program's effectiveness across leadership, workforce, service delivery, technology, and financial aspects. We want to help you maximize the impact of your ECM program and achieve greater alignment with organizational objectives and stakeholder expectations.

GOAL:  A current-state, organizational assessment of ECM services against client needs/expectations, mandated requirements, and best practices to identify gaps and inform future development and optimization priorities.


  • Interview management, staff, and relevant external stakeholders
  • Review relevant artifacts (e.g. business plan, strategic plan, organization chart, performance reports)
  • Assess current state organizational health and performance, including leadership, workforce, service delivery, technology, and financial aspects
  • Identify gaps, complexity, pain points, and unmet requirements
  • Produce a summary with findings and recommendations

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