CALAIM: Cross Sector Partnerships

CalAIM + Hanserd Health Course Offering

Building a New High-Performing Team

Estimated Time: 9-12 Months

This offering equips a new team to become high performing by integrating essential skills, processes, and communication patterns aligned with client and stakeholder needs. Through facilitated learning and ‘in the moment’ feedback, the team develops sustainable practices, ensuring goal achievement despite dynamic environments.

The offering includes 10 hours of interactive learning over multiple sessions, up to 6 observer-coached team meetings and 12 coaching sessions with team leaders, delivered virtually or in-person.

GOAL:  Guide the team in developing a self-coaching culture that not only addresses present obstacles but also anticipates and prepares for future growth and responsiveness in the midst of evolving stakeholder needs.


  • With stakeholders’ perspective explored, develop the team’s shared purpose and motivation for their work.
  • Develop processes, systems, and structures for engaging external stakeholders in the work of the team.
  • Identify team roles, resolve dysfunctional patterns, if any, and practice useful communication approaches within the team and with the team’s sponsors.
  • Develop process, systems, and structures for team accountability, measuring performance, goal accomplishment, and team roles and responsibilities, and managing team member turnover.
  • Cultivate a learning culture that supports the team’s present-day performance and prepares the team to adjust to future expected trends and demands.

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